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Compressor and Compressor Parts:

Our main compressor series include 5H, 5S, 5L, 7H, 10PA, 10S, 6SEU, 6SBU, 7SBU, 7SEU, FS10, HS18, HS15, TM, V5, CVC, York, Bock, etc. To provide complete varieties of compressor and its parts such as magnetic clutches, control valve, oil seals, bearings, etc. for our customers, we always keep sufficient inventories of the semi-manufactures.

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TM31 compressor 240103024     7SEU17C Mercedes compressor A0012305711     CVC Opel Compressor 1854111

10PA Mercedes Truck compressor magnetic clutch 9PK 130MM 24V     PXE13 VW compressor control valve     V5 compressor control valve

Condenser, reciever drier, electric fan and pressure switch:

Equipped with multiple measuring facilities like helium leak detector, nitrogen leakage detector and full automatic water inspection equipment, we can strictly control the ac condenser quality and implement full inspection when delivery.
The electric fan blades are made of OEM raw material. The internal copper wire for the motor is resistant to high temperature and uses 180°C high temperature copper wire instead of 130°C copper wire. The carbon brush for the motor is made in Germany. Waterproof IP68 and can work with high speed.
Receiver Drier meets with standards & requirements that include good filtering, strong water absorbing, pressure endurance, high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, erosion resistance and no leakage etc.


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Universal Condenser 141818 MFC     BMW X5 Condenser 6453691426 64538381543        VW Receiver Drier 1K0298403

Brushless motor fans for bus ac and refrigeration       VW Double Electric Fan 1K0959455p 1K0121207AD

BMW E60 Electric Fan 17427543282 17427514181       VW Pressure Switch 1KO 959 126D


Blower motor, evaporator, expansion valve, throttle valve and resistor:

Brand-new Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material forms the outer casing for the evaporator unit. 100% full inspection is conducted to the internal motor and the speed rotor to ensure no noise.
We can produce evaporator cores that employ different technologies, such as parallel flow type, serpentine type, fin tube type and laminated type according to customer demands.
Our expansion valve is strictly controlled in the full production process by Japan imported processing & advanced testing equipment to guarantee product quality.

Hot sale:

BMW Blower Motor 64119227670 LHD     Evaporator Unit BEU-848L-100     Evaporator Unit BEU-404-100

Mercedes Evaporator Core 1648300158 2098300158     Mercedes Resistor A1698200297

AC Tool:

All series of tools that have complete categories and diverse types are applicable for repair of auto air conditioners. The main categories include pipe pressing tools, side leakage detection tools, clutch disassemble tools, maintenance meter unit, vacuum pump and refrigerant reclaiming & filling machine. We have sufficient inventories, and low minimum order quantity is allowed.

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Handheld Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool
Automatic electric ac hose crimping tool machine
Manifold Gauge R1234yf
Automotive Air Conditioning Leak Repair Tools
Infrared thermometer


Truck Parking Air Conditioner:

New type parking cooler works well when the vehicle pulls over for break. Refrigerating still carries on after vehicle stops. It has low noise, discharge & oil consumption. Also with CE certificate.

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Parking Cooler
Parking Cooler for RV
Integrated Truck Parking Air Conditioner